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Encountering yourself, encountering the present moment, encountering life

Hello, and welcome to this siteEtude et pratique bouddhiste - L'instant précieux


You will find here a number of teachings in the Buddhist tradition, available in both text and audio, all in French with the exception of one talk in English: Orientation to the practice. We are hoping to get more english translations of the content of this site; if you feel you can contribute to help with this, please let us know.

The intention here is to contribute to the profound well being and blossoming of beings, proposing to each a path that leads towards ever more attention, and respect for all forms of life.  Such an attitude cannot but bring us great peace and sincere joy, as much for oneself as for ones environment.  To realize this, we are encouraged to practice contemplation, listening in silence, observation of the breath, of the body, of the mind.  We are equally invited to enter into contact with the natural world surrounding us, to develop our attention and presence in daily life, in the heart of each moment.

As an introduction, a small text which may be of use to you: Contemplation before the meal (to recite at least once a week, for example Sundays when eating together as a family)

Thank you for visiting this site, and for your interest in both your own well being and that of those around you. We hope to learn much, understand a lot, and love infinitely.

Brother Fabkhi